About Renee

Renee Darcy is a writer by profession, but is new to the world of romance and women’s fiction. She writes under a pen name because professional writing is still her day job, and she doesn’t want to mix her boring day job with the more exciting (and risque!) world of romance. Her chosen nom de plume honors her family history and her favorite literary work. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs in beautiful New England. Reality TV shows are a guilty pleasure, and the inspiration behind her new romance book series – Reality TV Romance.

Why romance?

Well, to let Renee speak for herself:

No matter what type of novel I’d sit down to write, it would always turn into romance. I decided to give in and let go – accept that I write romance!

As an avid romance reader, and a lover of love, Renee finds it inevitable that her works turn romantic. Her characters just keep wanting to fall in love. Finally, she has decided not to stand in their way – but to free their love upon the world! Because, really, who doesn’t miss the warm, tingly, butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling of falling in love?