Framed First Book Sale

Celebrating my first book sale!

As a new author who is just starting out, I’ve decided it’s important to me to celebrate little milestones in my novel-writing career. (Yes, that’s a lot of carefully-chosen language – my day job is also writing, but it’s a little more boring and it’s for other people – my novel-writing career is for me, and someday I’d love for it to be my day job!)

So when I got an actual, physical $10 bill from my first book sale, I carried it around in my wallet and proudly displayed it to anyone who would stand still long enough for me to whip it out. But my dear husband was worried that I might accidentally spend the money – or more importantly, that he might accidentally grab it when I occasionally send him into my wallet to grab cash. That would obviously be no good for my marriage.

So I joked on social media: “Maybe I should frame it!” One of my friends said: “You totally should.” So I did!

Now this wonderful beauty hangs on the wall in my office, inspiring me every day.

Framed First Book Sale


The Story of My First Book Sale

The first book sale itself is a funny story. One of my friends commented on the physical $10, because most of her money is digital – and that’s true, most of my sales have been digital, and would go through my publisher, to boot. It was very fortuitous that this first book sale involved actual, real cash. Otherwise, I might have had to mount a copy of a KDP report, or something, and that wouldn’t be nearly as inspiring!

I have a local coffee shop that I absolutely love: Curio Coffee. I’m in there basically every day, and I love everyone who works there – those guys are great. One morning, shortly after getting the print copies of the book, I took one into the coffee shop to get a picture of it with a latte. The idea was that I and my publisher could use it as a promotional image.

When I explained what I was doing, one of the baristas (Greg – who is a heavily-tattooed, sort of buff, very cool hipster-type who likes horror movies and has excellent taste in music) was like: “Oh, you wrote that? Cool. How much is it? I’ll buy it.”

I was like: “Oh, it’s a romance novel, you’re probably not interested…”

His response was: “No, I’m serious. I’ll buy it.” There was also some joking around with his co-workers about the fact that he was buying a romance novel, and one of them later told me that they’re running a pool about whether or not he’ll actually read it… but I don’t even care. I just thought it was so awesome that this heavily-tattooed hot guy was willing to buy my book. He’s good people.

So it was very lucky for me that Greg was my first book sale, and he had physical cash I could frame. Otherwise, this beautiful finished piece would contain a very impersonal report or something.

It turns out, though, that framing stuff nicely is pretty expensive. So I’ve decided that my next framing project won’t happen again until I get my first best-seller. I’m determined – I know it’ll happen one day! It may take me a few novels to get there, but I will.

In the meantime, I’ll celebrate the little milestones as they come. And I’ll leave you today with a picture of Greg’s beautiful latte art:

Breakfast of Champions

By Renee Darcy

Renee Darcy has been a professional writer for more than a decade, but America’s Favorite Couple is her first romance novel. Her chosen nom de plume honors her family history and her favorite literary work. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs in beautiful New England. Reality TV shows are a guilty pleasure, and the inspiration behind her new romance book series – Reality TV Romance.

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